Sneezing: Its Against The Law

Sneezing: Its Against The Law

Posted On: May 26, 2010
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Coughing, sneezing, sniffling, runny nose are just a few of the sickening things that human beings are possessed with.

Its seems like everyday I’m out and about taking care of daily business, I always get attacked by one or more people and their nasty, germy, diseased ass sneeze.

Even if their nowhere near me I still feel like I’ve been violated. Especially when these dirty mother sneezers don’t cover, disguise, or muffle their cough or sneeze in any type of way.

I witness some people who just sneeze/cough all in the damn open with no remorse. And that’s why I think sneezing should be AGAINST THE LAW!! I mean hell, we have laws for the dumbest things now. Kids cant sag their pants in Atlanta, driving through a yellow light is considered running a red light, begging for money is considered harassment. So my thing is, if all these stupid laws have been passed why cant sneezing or coughing without attempting to cover or muffle be against the law.

I cant see it now,… Excuse me mam, your in violation of Code23.4.6B Sneezing&Coughing in a public place with intent to affect others.

But Hey, Maybe Its Just Me,
HaaaaaaaCHHOooooooo!!!!!!! Freeze B*tch!! Your Under Arrests!